Uitnodiging tweede Colloquium Leiden Center of Computational Oncology

INVITATION 2nd Colloquium Leiden Center of Computational Oncology (LCCO)

We would like to cordially invite you to attend the second online Colloquium Leiden Centre of Computational Oncology (LCCO) to be held via teams on February 1st, 2021 from 4pm till 5pm.
During this colloquium, chaired by program director Prof Judith Bovee, Dr Marieke Kuijjer will talk on ‘Modeling gene regulatory network rewiring in cancer’. Dr Kuijjer has been contracted to the LUMC (0.2 FTE) as an associate professor since 1 November 2020. She also works for the Centre for Molecular Medicine Norway at Oslo University.

The biological state of the cell is characterized by a complex network of interacting genes, proteins, microRNAs, as well as other molecules. Gene regulatory network reconstruction algorithms estimate the likelihood of these molecular interactions by drawing on large numbers of expression data to model an "aggregate" network. However, while informative in highlighting overall differences between two or more conditions, aggregate network models fail to capture the heterogeneity represented in a disease population. Marieke will present different gene regulatory network reconstruction algorithms to model transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulation. She will then introduce a computational framework for single-sample network reconstruction that allows us to “extract” individual patient networks from aggregate networks. Marieke will demonstrate the strengths of these methods in multiple datasets and will highlight newly identified gene regulatory interactions that play a role in cancer, including sarcomas. Finally, Marieke will describe the future plans in using these tools in the LCCO SarCOma project.
Please email Marloes de Raadt (M.L.de_Raadt@lumc.nl) to become a member of the LCCO research community and be added to the mailing list.
We look forward to welcoming you on the 1st of February. Please confirm your attendance by accepting the Teams calendar request at your earliest convenience.

Your sincerely,
Prof Judith Bovee (LCCO program director) & Prof Hendrik Veelken (Chairman LUMC Oncology Centre)